eGo Silicone Lanyard Ring Electronic Cigarette Vape Pen Mod Sleeve Lanyard (5PCS)

  • Model: sc002x5

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If you are looking for a Silicon Ring for eGo lanyard, this is the best one for you, specially designed for electronic cigarette lanyard. This lanyard is Woking with all 19-25mm Diameter vape pen mod, different colors to choose, the price is for 5pcs

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5PCs eGo vape pen Silicone Lanyard Ring

buy eGo Lanyard

cheap Silicon Ring for eGo lanyard

electronic cigarette lanyard


buy eGo Silicone Lanyard Ring electronic cigarette vape pen mod sleeve lanyard(5PCS)

by Poalpe Huanme

i like green color, now i need this silicone ring to carry my vape pen

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