Demon Killer Heating Wires 8 in 1 Coil Pack

  • Model: 8 in 1 Coil

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Demon Killer 8-in-1 Prebuilt Coil Set Description

Demon Killer 8-in-1 Violence Coil Set is very popular,there are eight different coils in one pack.using it you can save more time you would normally spend on figuring out various configurations while building DIY coils. Enjoying amazing flavors of your favorite juice,you will need Demon Killer 8 in 1 Coil kit.The kit supports different types of heating elements and sizes.

Package Contenst of 8 in 1 Coil kit From Demon Killer

  • 6 x Clapton Coil-0.85 ohm
  • 6 x Hive Coil-0.5 ohm
  • 6 x Tiger Coil-0.36 ohm
  • 6 x Quad Coil- 0.36 ohm
  • 6 x Flat Twisted Coil-0.36 ohm
  • 6 x Mix Twisted Coil-0.45 ohm
  • 6 x Fused Clapton Coil-0.45 ohm
  • 6 x Alien Clapton Coil-0.45 ohm


by Buanomm Raye

8 in 1 full kit from this demon killer is very nice ,used very easy .

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