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Upgrade Firmware ALIEN V1.2.2 :NuMicro ISP Programming Tool

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Right now we would like to released a product news : about the Smok 220w Alien Full kit .its Firmware Upgrades to ALIEN V1.2.2,it can solve more problems to get best and differ vaping experiences .

Three Main Features of ALIEN V1.2.2:
1. Solved the “misfire” problem during vaping.
2. Vaping is more comfortable with more accurate Temperature Control
3. Will ask “is it a new coil” every time you remove the tank and put back on

Notice Items :
1. You have to take out the battery before upgrading
2. You have to hold the fire button all the time during the upgrading

Detail Guideline

1. Open the Alien upgrading Tool folder with the programming tool and BIN file, and then open the ISP tool in the arrow.
2. Hold the firing button, connect the Alien to the computer (you have to hold the fire button during the upgrading)
3. Click the “Connect” icon till the “disconnect ” icon come with light
4. Click “APROM” icon
5. Find out the BIN file in the arrow of the folder and open it
6. Please mind that the “Config” data should be 00013000. Redownload the ISP tool if you can’t adjust it
7. Mark “APROM” file icon, unmark other icons, then click “Start”
8. Please mention that you will get a PASS if you have upgraded your Alien successfully

Updated Prepare:

1. Factory Micro USB cable (with data transfer function).
2. OS System requirement: Windows XP/7/8/10. (FYI: There is no driver to match Apple Mac OS from the PCB chip vendor.)

Pls Check Here To Learn More About the Alien upgrading Tool .